BTE Hearing Aids


Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids are a style of hearing aids that have traditionally been the most visible type of hearing aid. The case sits behind the ear with the tube coming down the front and into the ear mold. The hearing aid picks up and magnifies the sound in the case, and then carries the sound through the tube to an ear mold that fits inside the ear canal.

BTE hearing aids can be used for mild to profound hearing loss, a range suitable for nearly all types of hearing loss and for people of all ages. This is because due to its external nature, the BTE hearing aid generally offers better sound amplification than most of the other types of hearing aids.

Previously, BTE hearing aids have been one of the largest and most visible types of hearing aids; however, with recent advances, the newest versions are barely visible.

BTE Hearing Aid Prices

The price range of BTE hearing aids vary based on the quality of the device. The most inexpensive fitted devices start around $300 per hearing aid, and top of the line products can be upwards of $3,000 per hearing aid.

Parts of a BTE Hearing Aid

The BTE hearing aid is made up of three parts:


The case sits behind the ear and is the part of the hearing aid that takes in sound waves from the environment. The sound is then amplified and compressed to improve the hearing of sound and the understanding of speech.


The tube is connected to the case and carries the amplified and compressed sound waves to the ear mold.


The ear mold is the part of the hearing aid that fits tightly in the ear so that the amplified and compressed sound waves from the case enter the human hearing system to be processed. These ear molds are made from a variety of hard (firm) and soft (pliable) materials.

BTE stands for Behind the Ear
  • Durable: with proper care can last for years
  • All ranges of hearing loss
  • All ages
  • Most amplification
  • Large, Easy-to-use batteries
  • Visible to others
  • Earmold can be uncomfortable
  • Poor fitting reduces effectiveness
  • Large/More Noticeable than other types
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