CIC Hearing Aids


Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aids are specially molded to fit inside the ear canal. The device acts very simply as the ear is meant to receive sound. The reception and amplification of sound is received directly in the ear canal. It is by far the least visible of all types of hearing aids, and is also the least susceptible to picking up excess noise pollution from wind, traffic, etc. The size of these devices also makes them easier to handle phones and digital communication devices.

The downside to these types of hearing aids is that they are weaker by nature. They are only suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and are also generally only suitable for adults. They also run on much smaller batteries which will either need to be replaced or recharged more frequently than those of other hearing aids.

The CIC hearing aids are certainly not appropriate for all users, and an audiologist should be consulted before making any purchasing decisions.

CIC Hearing Aid Prices

Prices range from $775 to $2,200 per ear.

Parts of a CIC Hearing Aid

CIC hearing aids are one very small device which fits completely inside the ear.

CIC stands for Completely in the Canal
  • Smallest available
  • Nearly invisible
  • Device very close to eardrum
  • Simulates natural hearing
  • Use telephone normally
  • No wind noise
  • Cons
  • Not effective for people with severe hearing loss
  • Not recommended for children
  • Volume is not adjustable
  • Small, difficult to handle batteries
  • Custom fitting takes multiple visits
  • Feedback more likely
  • Repairs more common
  • Manufacturers
    Starkey Hearing Aids
    Widex Hearing Aids
    Siemens Hearing Aids
    Sonic Hearing Aids
    Oticon Hearing Aids
    Bernafon Hearing Aids
    Rexton Hearing Aids

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