ITC Hearing Aids


In the Canal (ITC) hearing aids is a middle-of-the-road option when it comes to treating hearing loss and can be programmable, conventional, or digital hearing aids. ITC hearing aids are available in programmable, conventional, and digital hearing aids styles. The ITC hearing aids aren’t as small as the CIC models, but they don’t take up your entire ear either. Since they fit snugly close to the ear drum and come in a variety of skin tone matching colors, they are visible, but not as obvious as BTE hearing aids. These hearing aids are generally recommended for people with moderate and moderately severe hearing loss.

Like CIC hearing aids, ITC hearing aids are custom fitted and are not given to children due to their changing ear sizes – this can cause discomfort. Additionally, ITC hearing aids require frequent cleaning and its performance may be affected by ear wax. Depending on the model, the hearing aid battery may be difficult to change.

Essentially, ITC hearing aids provides the same functions as the CIC Hearing Aids except they are located inside the ear and are capable of greater sound augmentation for people with moderate and moderately severe hearing loss.

ITC hearing aids are not appropriate for all users, and an audiologist should be consulted before making any purchasing decisions.

ITC Hearing Aid Prices

Due to the dependency on modern technology and higher quality materials necessary to produce ITC hearing aids, prices are higher than the more traditional BTE hearing aids. Prices for ITC Hearing Aids range from $1,500 to $2,999 per hearing aid.

Parts of an ITC Hearing Aid

ITC hearing aids are one small device which fits completely inside the ear.

ITC stands for In the Canal
  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Device very close to eardrum
  • Simulates natural hearing
  • Small
  • Cons
  • Not effective for people with severe hearing loss
  • Not recommended for children
  • Small, difficult to handle batteries
  • Damage from earwax
  • Manufacturers
    Siemens Hearing Aids
    Sonic Hearing Aids
    Oticon Hearing Aids
    Bernafon Hearing Aids

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