ITE Hearing Aids


In the Ear (ITE) hearing aids are the largest hearing aids available that fit within the confines of the ear. Essentially consuming the entire space of the ear, ITE hearing aids are custom fitted and provide a higher degree of amplification than CIC and ITC hearing aids. This makes the ITE hearing aids appropriate for people with a hearing loss greater than a moderately-severe hearing loss. Additionally, due to its size, ITE hearing aids are generally offered with features such as a telephone switch or directional microphone, two features often not provided by CIC and ITC hearing aids.

Because ITE hearing aids are custom-fitted, they are generally not appropriate for children as their ears are still growing and this could cause problems. Most often compared to BTE hearing aids, ITE hearing aids are a bit more attractive to users as they fit inside the ear. It is important to note that they can be more difficult to handle and may produce more feedback than other type of hearing aids that fit within the confines of the ear.

ITE hearing aids are not appropriate for all users, and an audiologist should be consulted before making any purchasing decisions.

ITE Hearing Aid Prices

Prices range from $399 to $1,499 per hearing aid.

Parts of an ITE Hearing Aid

ITE hearing aids are one small device which fits completely inside the ear.

ITE stands for In the Ear
  • Fits completely in the ear
  • More cosmetically appealing than BTE
  • Available with Telephone Switch
  • Available with Directional Microphone
  • Easier to handle & adjust than CIC/ITC
  • Treats a wide range of hearing loss
  • Cons
  • Feedback is common
  • Not recommended for children
  • Easily visible
  • Susceptible to earwax damage
  • Manufacturers
    Starkey Hearing Aids
    Widex Hearing Aids
    Siemens Hearing Aids
    Sonic Hearing Aids
    Oticon Hearing Aids
    Bernafon Hearing Aids

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