Audibel Hearing Aids


Audibel is a nationally recognized hearing aid manufacturer with more than 1,000 hearing aid centers across the United States. Audibel offers a full range of state-of-the art hearing solutions from minor hearing losses to those with severe loss. Audibel’s success is largely a byproduct of the hearing aids’ feedback canceller, a technology which eliminates the annoying whistling often associated with hearing aids and enables optimal performance in noisy environments.

The company works by the “Platinum Promise” which is a series of ethical guidelines and qualities that Audible attempts to use in their day to day operations. The Promise starts with…

“Audibel was built on the mutual agreement of trust, honor,
integrity and hard work. Our nationwide network is something
Audibel takes pride in, and as the network continues to grow and
strengthen, every individual will see a commitment to premium
service and care. It’s not just Audibel; it’s a way of life.” – Audible Platinum Promise


Audibel offers a series of product lines designed to improve hearing in a variety of ways. As a basically full-service hearing aid company, Audibel produces a wide range of hearing aid types and styles including: BTE, ITE, ITC, IIC, CIC, RIC. Their primary product lines are below. Please note that while they make several different types of hearing aids, you should definitely check with your doctor to determine the best type of hearing aids for you.

Wireless Products

Audibel has a series of advanced wireless products. These include Range, Audibel A2, and SurfLink accessories. These devices come in several types and styles and are designed primarily to cancel noise, provide more comfortable user experience, and with their new SurfLink technology allow the wearer to connect to nearby electronics such as phones, radios, and televisions.

Invisible Solutions

Audibel’s new Invisibel technology is a type of CIC (Completely In Canal) hearing aids designed to be almost completely invisible and solve many of the problems that have reduced the quality of other CIC hearing aids. There description of these hearing aids is that they are 100% invisible, 100% digital, and 100% programmable with all of the latest features.

Tinnitus Solutions

Audibel has a new, patent pending tinnitus solution designed to help those suffering from Tinnitus. These devices create a noise stimulus that is designed to either:

– Mask or cover up your Tinnitus
– Take your focus off of your Tinnitus

The company has experienced success with this technology in the testing phases and is now offering this new technology to customers looking for help with Tinnitus.

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