Lyric Hearing Aids


Lyric hearing aids are a subsidiary of Phonak. They have the quality of Phonak hearing aids but have retained their unique name to highlight the key characteristics that people associate with Lyric.

Lyric hearing aids are the first and only 100 percent invisible extended wear hearing devices. The hearing aid is designed to have both the speaker and receiver located fully in the ear canal. The Lyric can also be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for up to 4 months at a time.* It is important to note the manufacturer of Lyric, InSound Medical, claims approximately 50 percent of all hearing aid candidates are not good Lyric candidates. This is often due to ear anatomy, degree of hearing loss (appropriate for people with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss), lifestyle, or general health conditions.

*The Lyric is inserted into the ear by a medical professional and remains in the user’s ear for the life of the hearing aid (up to four months). The hearing device acts like an amplifier, but uses the ear’s natural anatomy to pick up sound waves, making for a more natural experience.

Lyric Hearing Aid Reviews